Project Cases

New Era of Speed Charging, the First National Eco-Alliance for Speed Charging in the Electric Vehicl

On 15th July, the first national industry alliance in the electric vehicle speed charging industry - "Electric Vehicle Industry Speed Charging Ecological Alliance" was officially established. As one of the first members of the board of directors, Armature Energy participated in the inaugural meeting and was invited to share its technology with the theme of "Discussion and Practice of Key Technologies of High Power Speed Charging Infrastructure".



In the afternoon of the same day, the "First Seminar on the Ecological Development of Speed Charging" was held, where representatives of charging technology experts and scholars from the industry, speed charging battery enterprises, new energy vehicle enterprises, high-power charging facility enterprises, technology research and testing centre institutions, etc. shared their views on the current situation of speed charging technology, industrial application and standard development of electric vehicles.



At the conference, Zhu Taoyan, Deputy General Manager of Hub Energy, delivered a speech on the theme of "Discussion and Practice of Key Technologies of High Power Speed Charging Infrastructure". The technology of intelligent AI, big data analysis, cloud management, master control module, etc. has been adopted by the company to independently develop full-coverage, full-adaptation and customisable high-speed charging equipment, combined with full-matching, full-dimension and full-intelligence integrated vehicle-pile-energy supervision and operation platform services, integrating the products into various operation scenarios and providing one-stop solutions for users. At the same time, it links charging piles, energy storage, photovoltaic and pure electric vehicles with the transmission and distribution network in an orderly manner, creating a peak-charging energy ecological network coupled with peak-charging network, vehicle networking, light storage and charging, Internet and Internet of Things, and realizing the organic integration of energy ecology, product ecology and industrial ecology.


At the end of 2021, Hub Energy joined hands with Giant Bay Technology & Research to launch the "3111" Beidou Project, which plans to jointly build 1,000 super-charging stations in 100 cities in China in three years from 2022 to 2024, with a total investment of over RMB 1 billion, covering major cities across China. Up to now, the Supercharger stations have been built and operated in several cities.

With the industrial application of super-charging technology in the new energy vehicle industry, we will build a safe, intelligent, flexible and efficient peak-charging energy ecological network, and gather stronger synergy to promote the high-quality development of the new power system and the new energy vehicle industry, and help achieve the goal of "double carbon".