Project Cases

Party Branch of Guangdong Tianshu New Energy Technology Co.

On June 21, Le Liu street in Yingfeng environment Shunde environmental protection technology industrial park held a new "two new" party organization award ceremony, for Guangdong Tianshu new energy technology Co. "Ltd. will strive to realize the organic integration of party construction and production and operation, injecting new red power into the healthy development of the "two new" party organizations.

At the beginning of the event, the premiere of "Answer Sheet", an educational film for party members in Leliu, which tells the moving stories of the "two new" party organisations and party members in the form of narratives. The advanced "two new" party organisations and enthusiastic "two new" party members are not only the driving force of the socialist market economy, but also the practitioners of serving the masses with one heart to the Party. As the new blood of the "two new" party organisations, Tianshu Energy will actively take up its social responsibility, devote itself to public welfare undertakings and play the role of a fighting base for the "two new" party organisations.



At the ceremony, Comrade Song Xueying, Deputy Director of Leliu Street Office, read out the decision to approve the establishment of 25 new "two new" party organisations, including the party branch of Guangdong Tianshu New Energy Technology Co. The leaders of the Organization Department of the District Party Committee and the Leliu Street Office awarded plaques and presented party building study materials to them.




At the meeting, Comrade Li Jianhui, secretary of the party branch of Guangdong Tianshu New Energy Technology Co., Ltd, spoke on behalf of the company, saying that the establishment of the party branch marked a new step in the development of the enterprise led by party building, and that he would take the awarding ceremony as a new starting point to firmly establish the concept of party building to drive the construction of the enterprise, innovate work ideas, enhance the creativity, cohesion and combat power of the party branch as the focus of party building work, grow the party team and play the role of exemplary pioneer members of the enterprise.


Lastly, Comrade Ye Caijie, member of the Party Working Committee and Deputy Director of the Office of Leliu Street, concluded her speech by saying that the newly formed "two new" party organisations are vigorous and dynamic, injecting new blood, stimulating new thinking and creating new methods for the "two new" party building work in the street. The new party building work has brought new blood, stimulated new thinking, created new methods, and brought new prospects. And on the "two new" party building work to everyone to exchange three points of view. The first is to firmly grasp the confidence of the "two new" party building work, unswervingly follow the party, consciously transform the party's advantages into the advantages of enterprise development; the second is to continuously expand the "two new" party building "two coverage Third, we should strive to improve the work norms of the "two new" party organizations, promote the organizational life of the party, deepen the "three priorities and three training" model, standardize and improve the functions of the positions, and realize the "hardware" and "software" functions. The "hardware" and "software" will be upgraded simultaneously.


In the future, under the leadership of the Party Committee at all levels, Tianshu Energy will continue to strengthen the branch's own construction, innovate work ideas, continue to uphold the corporate mission of "making energy cleaner, making the future better", provide first-class products and services for the new energy vehicle industry, empower development with technology and win the future with innovation!